Monday, November 29, 2010

The Ghemehaal in Flames tournament

It was a superb day for the player even though the turn out wasnt that big. It was real fun getting to game the whole day. Cant wait for the next event.. really looking forward to it.

Hiding behind cover.. cover is gooddddd.

Charging thy enemy. No mercy shall be granted

 A scary sight to behold... that alot of lootas. Own by Warbozz Arzmi Mad Riderzz.

Peter's Great Obelit Army

 This is a superbly a difficult army to play... winning ration 1:200...heheheh

Khorn.. blood for the blood god.  Warlord Dinn commands this army.

The Vamp of Count Alvin.. with his elite termi.

 The Hording nidz of Dann's Gaunt or terma dann.

 This orkses belongs to warbozz  Rizal

Finally the great cikgi dinn with his secret dice dance..

The madness of chaoticeldar... 9 vehicle for 1500 game is crazy.

Well that it for now.

Crusader At work

Currently working on my crusader that has been long overdue. Posting something new on my own blog is also long overdue.

The interior was painted with bleachbone. Wanted it to stand out more.

HiHi... love them forge world doors.

Top view of the cruisader. Difficult task trying to magnatize all the door.
 Weapon made interchangable between front and back.

Will post the rest of my progress ASAP. Try to keep my blog update. Been to busy with to many things.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Saim Hann Strike Force - Update

Well, i have been putting most of my time painting my eldar armor. At the current stage i have finish the major part of these vehicle leaving the minor detail and finishing to be done. Once its completed i will be able to focus on the troop

Stage 2 of my project

Wave Serpent 1

Wave Sepent 2



Scorpion Squad still at stage 1

Dire Avenger still at stage 1

All together

At the moment that the only progress. I will be putting up more once im done with the vehicle. Need to do up those Dark reaper and Seer Council ASAP. Wish i had more time.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saim Hann Strike Force

Well i just started painting my eldar after so long. The have been in my storage box for nearly 2 year. Thank to paxter great idea. I finally took them out. Cant wait to get them ready for battle. No doubt im going to need some jetbike.. not saim hannish without bike is it.

1 stage of my Eldar


Seer Council

Wave Serpent & Prism

Well i will update my work ASAP. Been leaving my blog abit to long already