Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Red Army

I have been rushing this army like mad, at least its almost done. Cant wait to put it in action this Friday, I only hope my opponent can be patient with me. Since this is my first time playing. Much effort have been put into this model and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. I still have abit more to finish but it shouldnt be a problem.
The entire Red Army

Guards SMG Company

SU-100 & SU-76 Company

Mortar & Antitank Company

2nd Guards SMG Company( still have 13 bases to go.. shouldnt be a problem)

Artilery Support ZIS-3 & Kartush

Legio Firestorm Unit( train Company)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guard Tank Killer Updates

Well i have finish up all the SU-100, thay are ready for war with the only exception of their tank commander..the only one left to paint. Now i can continue with the rest of the SMG team... 20 bases to go. I have already close to 70 bases of troops over the pass 2 month.. its really taxing my eyes... i will be needing to paint bigger models after this

Monday, May 7, 2012

Guards Tank Killer Platoon

It has been awhile since i updated anything on my blog. Been very busy with FOW Bagration Campaign, painting like mad. I have already finish with the firestorm unit and have pass them to Legio.. forgot to take photos and update my blog.

Well, the current update on WIP would be these awesome tanks.. superb i would say. Crazy stat they have. I have not been playing any games for the pass 2 week except for BFG with azlan at legio the other day. Below is the pic of the SU-100 that im currently working on. Seriously looking forward for this campaign.
I will update the rest once im done.