Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More terrain for the table Update2

It has been about a week already.. i have made more pieces of terrain. Plastered most of them already and  I only spay painted 1 of them for testing sake.. and it came out pretty well actually. These are the photos of the new piece and the spay painted one. Im going to test spray on another piece tonight.. will take more pic tonight and post it tomorrow.

Well let me know what you think... anything i should improve.

Well a little update on the terrain pieces.. what do you guys thimk... should i pva and put sand on the hill.

Monday, September 10, 2012

More Terrain for the table update

Well i followed the advice given. Mixing the pva glue and putty came out pretty well actually, the layer didnt break once it dried.. and no chipping... simply awesome i would say. It took me awhile just to layer the foam but it was worth it. But im still patching up some of the hole in the foam to prevent it from melting when i spay paint it.  well this is what i got out of it. Cant wait to give it a spray coat of dessert brown.

I will keep this work posted from time to time.. thank for reading. Please do give your suggestion should you have any to help me improve the terrains.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

More terrains for the table

It been awhile since i have posted anything on this blog. I have been working on my necron warrior and the eldar vehicle for the past 2 month. But i had this sudden urge to make some terrains. So i came up with these. I currently need to coat them with a layer of filler mix with white glue.

Im still cutting a few more at the moment.. making at  least 12bases of terrain. Should be sufficient to fit a 6x4 table. I will post any updates later.