Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Terrain On the Table updates

Well im back with some updates on those terrain i have build. After waiting for so long... and still waiting for the snow base.. i just got sick of waiting. So i decided to simply use the GW snow base that i have..even if its going to be abit costly... i dont care.. i have to finish this up. So i have base them up and this is how it turn up.... im quite please with the result actually. Will finish the rest up soon.. just need to find some bits bodies to the terrains.

well i will updates once i have completed more.

Monday, October 1, 2012

More terrains on the table3

Well it has been awhile since i update this WIP..i have manage to get my hands on a winter snow base from art friend. I have spray painted 2 of the small base just to test out this snow base. What to i get out of it... BAD RESULT.. at first glance the snow base looks ok.. but when i put it on the terrain..... AAAAGGGGHHH this is terrible.. im going with woodland scenic.. which is going to cost me about 55 buck. But atleast i know i will be happy with the result.

So who wants snow. It a big bag that cost less then 15bucks. :)

Well to me the texture of the snow seem to be rough.. but it might look good if i were to mix it with some finer snow base.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More terrain for the table Update2

It has been about a week already.. i have made more pieces of terrain. Plastered most of them already and  I only spay painted 1 of them for testing sake.. and it came out pretty well actually. These are the photos of the new piece and the spay painted one. Im going to test spray on another piece tonight.. will take more pic tonight and post it tomorrow.

Well let me know what you think... anything i should improve.

Well a little update on the terrain pieces.. what do you guys thimk... should i pva and put sand on the hill.

Monday, September 10, 2012

More Terrain for the table update

Well i followed the advice given. Mixing the pva glue and putty came out pretty well actually, the layer didnt break once it dried.. and no chipping... simply awesome i would say. It took me awhile just to layer the foam but it was worth it. But im still patching up some of the hole in the foam to prevent it from melting when i spay paint it.  well this is what i got out of it. Cant wait to give it a spray coat of dessert brown.

I will keep this work posted from time to time.. thank for reading. Please do give your suggestion should you have any to help me improve the terrains.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

More terrains for the table

It been awhile since i have posted anything on this blog. I have been working on my necron warrior and the eldar vehicle for the past 2 month. But i had this sudden urge to make some terrains. So i came up with these. I currently need to coat them with a layer of filler mix with white glue.

Im still cutting a few more at the moment.. making at  least 12bases of terrain. Should be sufficient to fit a 6x4 table. I will post any updates later.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Saim Hann Falcon

After completing my wave serpent i continued with my falcon. Finishing up all the details... :)
Cant wait to give these guys a go in 6th Ed... need to meet up with my eldar sifu Azlan, hopefully he can guive me some tip on how these guys work in 6th ed. I will keep my blog posted from time 2 time.

Once these guys are done i will be working on the wraith lord & Vyper jetbike... can wait to finish them up.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saim Hann Serpent

Its been awhile since i updated anything, with the 6th ed out, everyone has been busy studying on how to play the game. I have yet to play a single game of 6th Ed just yet, been craving to play but dont really have the time during bulan puasa.

However i have been patching things up here and there specially with my left over eldar vehicle, hopefully to finish all of them by the end of puasa.

Just a little update on the progress. I used the same method which i did for my previous prism, but did a mistake by not glossing the transfer again before i matt the whole thing. Now i have to touch up those transfers with red and black... more work.

I also decided to follow our Farseer Khairul method on painting the cockpit of the vehicle. Couldnt be bother to paint the pilot. :) . Let me know i you guys have any suggestion on how to improve my work.

Well i will post againt soon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Red Army

I have been rushing this army like mad, at least its almost done. Cant wait to put it in action this Friday, I only hope my opponent can be patient with me. Since this is my first time playing. Much effort have been put into this model and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. I still have abit more to finish but it shouldnt be a problem.
The entire Red Army

Guards SMG Company

SU-100 & SU-76 Company

Mortar & Antitank Company

2nd Guards SMG Company( still have 13 bases to go.. shouldnt be a problem)

Artilery Support ZIS-3 & Kartush

Legio Firestorm Unit( train Company)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guard Tank Killer Updates

Well i have finish up all the SU-100, thay are ready for war with the only exception of their tank commander..the only one left to paint. Now i can continue with the rest of the SMG team... 20 bases to go. I have already close to 70 bases of troops over the pass 2 month.. its really taxing my eyes... i will be needing to paint bigger models after this

Monday, May 7, 2012

Guards Tank Killer Platoon

It has been awhile since i updated anything on my blog. Been very busy with FOW Bagration Campaign, painting like mad. I have already finish with the firestorm unit and have pass them to Legio.. forgot to take photos and update my blog.

Well, the current update on WIP would be these awesome tanks.. superb i would say. Crazy stat they have. I have not been playing any games for the pass 2 week except for BFG with azlan at legio the other day. Below is the pic of the SU-100 that im currently working on. Seriously looking forward for this campaign.
I will update the rest once im done.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Red Army Firestorm Train Platoon

I have been assembling for the past 2 day, plenty more to work with. Cant wait to get all these unit ready for war. I still have to finish up these dudes ASAP.... got lots more to finish, love these armored car.. they maybe weak but they can provide some good anti infantry cover.

The Soviets train platoon with 8 BA 64.. need to assemble pyl cyn platoon after this. Also need to discuss with jeff what base should the firestorm unit have. Will post more late for the WIP.

since im at it.. i manage to finish up the second piece of terrain which i have been painting for alvin. The first one was the hill and the second is this ruin.

Its fun painting these terrain.. hopefully we will have fully painted terrain at hooby forge. Hopefully more of these terrain will be painted soon.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Saim Hann Returns Update

Well i have made my choice by using matt varnish on the Prism, it turn out quite well. I have also painted the pilot inside with bleach bone, wash and boltgun metal. To lazy to paint the cockpit with to much detail since i matt the whole prism.Well this is how it turn out.

 now i will proceed with the falcon the the wave serpeant. Also manage to paint some of my fire dragons aswell. Will post up my WIP as soon as possible.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Saim Hann Returns

After so long venturing in the Warp... the Saim Hann Craftworld return into real space. I just feel that the eldar should be put on my painting table again, which i did. Finally finish up my prism for good with all them detail.

The model have not been Matt varnish yet.. still considering should i matt or gloss..and make it shiny. Any suggestion.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Inspiration to all Space Wolves & Tyranid Players

This has been on the GW site for some time already. But i just feel it should be put up in my blog... cant beat the urge. This diorama will give lots of idea to a lot of people on what they should do with their minis. Much respect is to be given to the people that created this diorama.. simple awesome.
Close up of the event.
I'm not going to post all of the pic.. there is to many. You can go and take a look at the GW site.
Assault on Magnir Crag

I wonder if we could arrange to make something like this at Legio or Hobby forge. Well maybe not to this scale... something smaller. Would be nice to have such diorama.