Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Terrain On the Table updates

Well im back with some updates on those terrain i have build. After waiting for so long... and still waiting for the snow base.. i just got sick of waiting. So i decided to simply use the GW snow base that i have..even if its going to be abit costly... i dont care.. i have to finish this up. So i have base them up and this is how it turn up.... im quite please with the result actually. Will finish the rest up soon.. just need to find some bits bodies to the terrains.

well i will updates once i have completed more.

Monday, October 1, 2012

More terrains on the table3

Well it has been awhile since i update this WIP..i have manage to get my hands on a winter snow base from art friend. I have spray painted 2 of the small base just to test out this snow base. What to i get out of it... BAD RESULT.. at first glance the snow base looks ok.. but when i put it on the terrain..... AAAAGGGGHHH this is terrible.. im going with woodland scenic.. which is going to cost me about 55 buck. But atleast i know i will be happy with the result.

So who wants snow. It a big bag that cost less then 15bucks. :)

Well to me the texture of the snow seem to be rough.. but it might look good if i were to mix it with some finer snow base.