Thursday, September 29, 2011

Naval Power Update 1

Well after so long i have not updated my blog.. it high time.
Made more progress for me naval power. Made more thunderbolt.. had a tough time getting them engine for the thunderbolts. I finally manage to get them. still trying to find way to get them piping for those thunderbolt engine. Tried using guitar string but its to thin. what else can i use.. For those marauders i manage to find some nice looking missiles for them. Currently doing the cut outs for the HB turrets... where im i going to get a TLAC from... bummer.

I have another 3 thunderbolt to add in the pic. Will post up the painted ones soon

More work to be done before NOV comes. I trying to sort these guys as ASAP so i can start working on the thunderhawks. Praying i would have enough time.

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