Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Red Army Firestorm Train Platoon

I have been assembling for the past 2 day, plenty more to work with. Cant wait to get all these unit ready for war. I still have to finish up these dudes ASAP.... got lots more to finish, love these armored car.. they maybe weak but they can provide some good anti infantry cover.

The Soviets train platoon with 8 BA 64.. need to assemble pyl cyn platoon after this. Also need to discuss with jeff what base should the firestorm unit have. Will post more late for the WIP.

since im at it.. i manage to finish up the second piece of terrain which i have been painting for alvin. The first one was the hill and the second is this ruin.

Its fun painting these terrain.. hopefully we will have fully painted terrain at hooby forge. Hopefully more of these terrain will be painted soon.


FourEyedMonster said...

I like the glazed tile effect on your terrain. Really nice job!

Lord AK said...

yup.. real nice looking tiles. Caya lah bro..

by doc selvam said...

Nice...gonna miss the campaign.

Vuel said...

paint those soviets dude!

dif2find said...

painted the armored car already.. working on the train company.