Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Red Army

I have been rushing this army like mad, at least its almost done. Cant wait to put it in action this Friday, I only hope my opponent can be patient with me. Since this is my first time playing. Much effort have been put into this model and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. I still have abit more to finish but it shouldnt be a problem.
The entire Red Army

Guards SMG Company

SU-100 & SU-76 Company

Mortar & Antitank Company

2nd Guards SMG Company( still have 13 bases to go.. shouldnt be a problem)

Artilery Support ZIS-3 & Kartush

Legio Firestorm Unit( train Company)


me said...

awesome.. SU-76 and SU-100 company looks very cool!

Vuel said...

you've forgotten to mention that all of the above only cost 2000pts..

nice job dude!

dif2find said...

hahaha- forgot about that.. yup its over 2k.

deathkorps said...

Nice! Tonight the fun begins- we'll need every Soviet player we can get!

FourEyedMonster said...

Wow! Thats a huge army AND nice looking army.