Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More terrain for the table Update2

It has been about a week already.. i have made more pieces of terrain. Plastered most of them already and  I only spay painted 1 of them for testing sake.. and it came out pretty well actually. These are the photos of the new piece and the spay painted one. Im going to test spray on another piece tonight.. will take more pic tonight and post it tomorrow.

Well let me know what you think... anything i should improve.

Well a little update on the terrain pieces.. what do you guys thimk... should i pva and put sand on the hill.


deathkorps said...

Hard to comment until you're finished- when will we see a completed terrain piece?

dif2find said...

im hoping to finish the large piece by the end of this week. I will sand the base and spray a brown coat and wash it down with black. Then dry brush... i hope it comes out well.