Monday, October 1, 2012

More terrains on the table3

Well it has been awhile since i update this WIP..i have manage to get my hands on a winter snow base from art friend. I have spray painted 2 of the small base just to test out this snow base. What to i get out of it... BAD RESULT.. at first glance the snow base looks ok.. but when i put it on the terrain..... AAAAGGGGHHH this is terrible.. im going with woodland scenic.. which is going to cost me about 55 buck. But atleast i know i will be happy with the result.

So who wants snow. It a big bag that cost less then 15bucks. :)

Well to me the texture of the snow seem to be rough.. but it might look good if i were to mix it with some finer snow base.


deathkorps said...

Still no finished piece yet? Been waiting to see that.

Wouldn't it be easier to paint your terrain before adding the snow?

dif2find said...
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dif2find said...

the reason i can finish them is because i was looking for the proper snow base. I was happy Art friend had all those woodland scenic goodies but no snow base... bummer. yup you are right, painting them first would be easier but i just needed to test the snow that i bought. Wouldnt want to put soo much effort just to find out the final result would be terrible. That was why i decided to test it out on one first. As you can see the snow looks more like ice... and its too rough. Currently alvin is helping me get the proper snow base. Then i will be able to complete the terrain properly..

I have already finish plastering, under coat black and paint all the 4 large and 2 small piece of terrain already. Just need the snow base.

By any chance any of you guys have any damage IG infantry,skeleton or any other stuff which i can use as corpses.

Sorry to keep you guys waiting. I cant wait to finish it up myself.

deathkorps said...

Gotcha. Either way, looking forward to seeing the first completed piece! Great progress so far