Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Dreadfleet

Hi Guy, its been a while since i have updated anything on me blog. Well this is what i have been busy with commission work for a friend of mine. His dread fleet, awesome models i would say.. but painting them is tough.I will post more updates when i have the time :)


FourEyedMonster said...

Wah! Very nicely done! Keep posting more pictures bro.

I have a Dreadfleet set myself which I bought from a bookshop that was giving 20+% off on the set. It's in the pipeworks as a future project for myself after I get my Word Bearers up and running.

dif2find said...

Well at the moment i have already finish 7/10 of the ships and most of the island terrain aswell. I hope to finish everything by this sunday. Lucky me i just got another commission work for another dreadfleet.. this is good. No i can buy some models myself.

Lord AK said...

Bro.. very nice!!
I wont be around for the next 2 weeks. But once I'm okay, let us try this game at Spartan!!