Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wolves Of Dif2find

Armored Wolves of Fenris

Dred Pack ( Bjorn, Ranulf & Heagr)

Name them under the big dude category. Need more weapon option for better variant. " magnet are the best"

Tic Tac Pred ( Sigfus)

Well tic tac works fine as turret, cut of 2 pred Auto canon put them on a rhino with a minor sponson conversion.. and you get a Long barrel TLLC pred with HB sponson.

Titan Destroyer(Tor)

My very first pred.. and the very first pred to destroy a Warhound titan..eehh( under Lan comand at that time).. need to put a kill marker on it.

Sky Hammer(Thorvald)

Well, im not done with this guy yet. Currently working on the final detail.

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Sidestreaker said...

Looks pretty good! Can't wait to see more of the chapters!!!