Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rhino Conversion To Vindicator

Well this RTT is really making me work. Well this is the start of what use to be a rhino. But now it shall be converted to a vindicator. I just have to work with what i have.

A rhino that was in a bad shape.

I had to clip of the side door.. i was glued like mad.. dont know how much super glue the previous owner put in those gaps.

Sorry no flash..

Ahh there the door i tore of.. the canon.. got that from those shampoo bottle.. cut of the smaller portion.

Just another shot. Had half the mind of soaking ths tank in datol to remove all the paint before repainting it. But no time.

Well i was planning on putting a some cover for the canon.. but i have lots more to do for the upcoming RTT. I will add it later.

All meee.. tanks..

to be continue...

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by doc selvam said...

any idea when is the next MOATAB?