Monday, November 16, 2009

Wolfguard of Fenris (SpaceHulk)

The space hulk model are superb, nothing more to be said. But playing wolves just doesnt seem right with the Vampires. So this is what happens.. and more is to come.

Wolfguard with Stormbolter & PowerFist

Wolfguard with Heavy Flamer & Powerfist

Wolfguard with Assault Cannon & PowerFist

Wolfguard with wolfclaw

Wolfguard elite squad

Wolfguard from the original box set

Wolfguard with Frostblade & Stormbolter

At the moment im working on the both Sargeant will post them once im done.

1 comment:

SUBHAN said...

the space hulk model with lightning claws is one badass model,,love it