Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saim Hann Serpent

Its been awhile since i updated anything, with the 6th ed out, everyone has been busy studying on how to play the game. I have yet to play a single game of 6th Ed just yet, been craving to play but dont really have the time during bulan puasa.

However i have been patching things up here and there specially with my left over eldar vehicle, hopefully to finish all of them by the end of puasa.

Just a little update on the progress. I used the same method which i did for my previous prism, but did a mistake by not glossing the transfer again before i matt the whole thing. Now i have to touch up those transfers with red and black... more work.

I also decided to follow our Farseer Khairul method on painting the cockpit of the vehicle. Couldnt be bother to paint the pilot. :) . Let me know i you guys have any suggestion on how to improve my work.

Well i will post againt soon.

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