Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Saim Hann Falcon

After completing my wave serpent i continued with my falcon. Finishing up all the details... :)
Cant wait to give these guys a go in 6th Ed... need to meet up with my eldar sifu Azlan, hopefully he can guive me some tip on how these guys work in 6th ed. I will keep my blog posted from time 2 time.

Once these guys are done i will be working on the wraith lord & Vyper jetbike... can wait to finish them up.


Lord AK said...

I like it all bro..
Betul-betul cun lah..
But I dont remember ever seen your ELdar on table. Dah complete 1750 belum?
Who knows.. we might do Eldar-Dark Eldar in the next Kindred hahaha

FourEyedMonster said...

Yes ... they are very nice indeed!

deFl0 said...

What Brand and shade Red did you use for these?