Monday, March 26, 2012

Inspiration to all Space Wolves & Tyranid Players

This has been on the GW site for some time already. But i just feel it should be put up in my blog... cant beat the urge. This diorama will give lots of idea to a lot of people on what they should do with their minis. Much respect is to be given to the people that created this diorama.. simple awesome.
Close up of the event.
I'm not going to post all of the pic.. there is to many. You can go and take a look at the GW site.
Assault on Magnir Crag

I wonder if we could arrange to make something like this at Legio or Hobby forge. Well maybe not to this scale... something smaller. Would be nice to have such diorama.


FourEyedMonster said...

That's a good idea. A diorama would be so cool. XD

Hmmm ... we could have one depicting the surrrender of Space Wolves to an Ork Waaghh! Heh heh ... just kidding lah. Diorama must of course show Space Wolves in victorious poses.

Faizal Sani said...

Awesome sight bro! When I come back, maybe we can arrange a game similar to this, apocalypse size, SW vs the rest..

dif2find said...

Can be any army.. actually not just SW vs ork.. can be BA vs necrons or nidz. Anything also can.. just have to disscuss with the rest of the player.

dif2find said...

@faizal- yup we definately have to arrange an apoc game. Have to contact the sifu of apoc.. spunky. Make some arragement.