Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Red Army Support part 3

Painting.... painting.... that what i have been doing. I have made a number of progress with the FOW mini for the past several... I has taken plenty of my time but im yet to complete the army just yet. I have several other unit to paint up and its going to take more time. I just hope i can finish all of them in time. Still have 3 more item to purchase... and that going to take some time.

The latest unit completed

Anti Tank Gun

Unit In Progress

Heavy Machinegun Company

The Kartush
Once all these model are done.. im going to need to get those sapper battalion, T-34/85 & Il-2 Shturmovik which will complete the army :)

GTG.. will update again later..cheers.


Vuel said...

nice army shot of what you have so far would be nice ;)

dif2find said...

yup i will do that once i have painted the rest. I can post a pic of the whole thing now.. but not all painted

khairul said...

Looking good man. You should come over some hobby nites and go over the hew rules with us :)

I've also yet to go over the new rulebook.

dif2find said...

I will try to come by when i can. But you know how it is like if i were to go there on friday night. Jam like mad. I will try to make a few times before the campaign begins.