Monday, March 12, 2012

The Red Army Support Updated part 2

Well i have been painting nearly everyday and i have finally finish the mortar company. I have not been sleeping enough lately.. i think its time to recover for awhile, but i will still be painting no doubt... but less for this week.

I need more time.. time is never enough when it come to the things you enjoy doing. Now its time to finish up the Anti tank guns... they are almost done.. just need to wash them down with some badab black and that should do the trick.

Mortar Company

Red Army SMG company 1 + Company 2 needs another 14 bases to complete the second company. Currently i have 28 bases.. need 14 more.. should be enough.

My dining table... hahahaha.. more like my painting table.

Need to get back to work... will be updating more later. chow.


FourEyedMonster said...

Looking nice! I thought you just recovered from fever ... and now you are not getting enough sleep! How leh? Rest man rest!

Vuel said...

wow, you're on a roll dude..keep 'em coming!

dif2find said...

hehe.. what to do bro.. the calling is strong. Cant resist.. i can hear my mind telling me to paint.. paint.. paint. At least i had a good night sleep yesterday 9 hours.. after so long..